Fearless, Relentless, and Experienced Technologist.

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As a dad and global citizen who has lived on three different continents and experienced a vast array of cultures and lifestyles, I have gained an extensive amount of knowledge and perspective. I am committed to being a role model for my two boys, which can be a fulfilling yet formidable task. In addition to engaging in thrilling outdoor activities such as kitesurfing, snowboarding, and scubadiving with them, I also encourage my kids to embrace technology and utilize it as a means for growth and opportunities.

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As a seasoned and accomplished leader, I am driven by a relentless desire to make a meaningful impact and drive success in every venture I undertake. With a track record of success in starting and growing companies, leading teams, and developing advanced solutions for large enterprises, I have consistently demonstrated the ability to identify opportunities, develop innovative strategies, and execute on those plans with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

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A journey of a thousand miles truly begins with the first step, and this is especially true when it comes to experiencing new and diverse destinations. Whether it is the bustling city of Damascus, the luxurious skyscrapers of Dubai, the sunny beaches of California, or the rugged coastline of Oregon, each destination offers its own unique culture, history, and landscapes. These various destinations can contribute to the development of a rounded character by exposing us to different ways of life and challenging us to adapt to new environments.

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